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Your skills are urgently needed for
Auckland's booming information technology industry

New Zealandís information and communications technologies (ICT) sector is diverse, covering wireless infrastructure, health IT, digital content, payments, geospatial, telecommunications, agricultural technology and more. Whatever your niche or speciality, there could well be opportunities for you in New Zealand.

This is your chance to combine a unique lifestyle with a career in an industry thatís making people around the world sit up and take notice.

New Zealand's tech sector is diverse and advanced. It's a breeding ground for innovation and competes successfully on the world stage. The industry is a major and growing business for New Zealand, growing 12% last year.

Itís a very outwardly focused industry that competes successfully around the world. Exports have been growing, reaching $950m in 2016.  

International reputation

New Zealand's ICT companies have earned an international reputation for being flexible, resilient, adaptable and entrepreneurial. Many high-profile projects have come out of our ICT industry, including...

  • The world's most advanced, safest wireless charging system comes from PowerbyProxi, an offshoot of Auckland University. The business is now part-funded by Korean giant Samsung and in 2014 signed a licensing deal with US Fortune 500 company Texas Instruments (TI).

  • A robotic exoskeleton that allows paralysed people to stand and walk, developed by New Zealand's Rex Bionics, is used in rehab clinics and research hospitals in the US, Europe and Asia.

  • Accounting software developed by cloud accounting business Xero helped the company top Forbes' list of 'Most Innovative Growth Companies' in 2014.

  • A security solution from Gallagher was named 'Best Perimeter Protection Product/System' in the US Government Security News 'Homeland Security Awards' in 2014.

  • Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, shot at 48 frames per second has pioneered HFR (High Frame Rate) film production.

  • Several global industry leaders have chosen New Zealand as a base for their ICT operations, including the global IT services provider Fujitsu.

Growing digitisation and increased use of ICT across the economy is generating employment growth across a range of skill-sets, including software engineering and development, project managers, marketers, sales, administrators and business analysts.

The subsector driving most growth is computer system design: wages/salaries in this area are twice the New Zealand average.

Interactive gaming is another fast-growing subsector which is now a multi-million dollar export industry.

Job shortages

If you are offered a job which appears on a skill shortage list and you have the qualifications and experience to match, getting a work visa will be easier. This is because the Government has identified that employers need to recruit people from overseas to help meet demand for your skills.

IT jobs on the job shortage list include:

  • business analyst
  • developer programmer
  • software engineer
  • project manager
  • security specialist
  • software tester
  • telecommunications network engineer
  • database administrator
  • QA engineer
  • multimedia specialist
  • ICT project manager
  • systems analyst
  • web developer
  • software and applications programmer
  • developer programmer

If you find a job in advance, have the right qualifications and have at least three yearsí post-graduate work experience, you may be able to enter New Zealand on a Skilled Migrant Category visa.

But if your job is not on a shortage list, donít be disheartened. There are other work and resident visa options.

Auckland Jewish Immigration can advise you on your immigration journey. Contact us for more information.

Our community would love to welcome you to New Zealand. The Jewish community here is a small one, but dynamic and proud. There are two established congregations, and we hold several community events each year. There is a Jewish junior school (up to age 12), and active Bínei Akiva and Habonim Dror organisations.

Auckland Jewish Immigration will be happy to assist you in your move to New Zealand.

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