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Requirements - What do you need to do to start your enquiry with us?

Once the Profile Sheet has been completed, it will allow us to keep a complete record of your family and the communications that go on between us. We will then keep a current position of your process to achieve permanent residency in New Zealand. Email us first and we will send you a link to the Profile Sheet.

We undertake that the information you agree to send us will be held in the strictest confidence.

We can recommend professional immigration consultants for those immigrants requiring assistance with immigration advice and procedures for intending new arrivals.

If you use a professional service, please let us know immediately, so that we can monitor the processing of the assessment and ensure you get a quick reply. Let us have a copy of your answers to the assessment document, so that we can download the information onto our own database.

We will, on receiving your profile, build up an ongoing file of your application, which will enable us to keep your application under constant review.

Because of New Zealand’s strict privacy laws we will need your specific written consent to agree to us opening a computer file with your provided details.

Processing time for permanent residency

Allow about six weeks to gather the requisite documents. From the date you lodge your documentation, the Immigration Service will take approximately six months to approve your application.

To get things going

The AJI recommends that in order to proceed with your immigration inquiries you follow this order:

  • Look up the recommended websites so you get a general background of what life is like in New Zealand.
  • E-mail us with any specific questions. You will receive a reply the following day.
  • If you want to make a trip to New Zealand to look around, we will help you smooth the way.
  • If you then want to proceed further, emailus for our questionnaire and once filled in and emailed back, we will ascertain your eligibility to immigrate. Most important, if you use a profession immigration consultant, let us know immediately, as the consultants have many applications and we will want to ensure that your assessment is treated as top priority.
  • Please send us all the key information in your assessment so we can record, maintain and continuously update the progress with your application, record your details, and follow up any action we agree you need to make.
  • Employment: Read our Immigration NZ page about employment.

Remember, we are all Jews, and we are here to help. The AJI's only motivation is to continuously build our congregation.


Stan Rose
Chairman AJI
Email: aji@xtra.co.nz

Latest news

Immigration New Zealand has made it even easier to find out about securing a visa, but our services can provide added value to your experience, and provide pathways for those people who may not 'fit' neatly into a visa category.

The job market in New Zealand is strong. The recently elected Labour Government has announced a strong state building program called KiwiBuild, which is aiming to build 100,000 new homes within the next four years. There is a projected demand for 30,000 workers for the construction sector.

This calls for people with strong skills in construction, in process or supply management, or financial management. If you are a person with trades (construction, electrics, plumbing, floor laying, tiling etc) or skills within the construction sector then please contact us - we can help you secure a visa.

For example, while you may not be eligible for a residency visa, you could be eligible for a three year work visa, which after the second year you could potentially convert into a 'work to residency' visa (5 years needed). We can assist with developing a potential pathway for you.

While we are Auckland focused, we are here to help you no matter where you are heading in New Zealand. Please let us know how we can help you in your journey to settling in New Zealand.

Jewish businessmen
wishing to start businesses in New Zealand:
We have a specialised team who would welcome your enquiries.

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We will respect your privacy in collecting and handling personal information in accordance to the New Zealand Government Privacy Act 1993. We will not give your details to others without your consent.