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Welcome to the Auckland, city of sails

The Auckland Jewish Immigration (AJI) welcomes you to our lovely South Pacific city of Auckland.

We are a volunteer immigration organisation working under the auspices of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation (AHC).

We offer free advice on:

  • Business and jobs
  • Accommodation
  • Schooling
  • Living in Auckland

Join the hundreds of migrant families originating from over 56 countries who have enjoyed our support.

Auckland had it's beginnings in the 1850s and had a Jewish involvement. One of the first arrivals was a trader from England - young 23 year old David Nathan.

The Auckland Hebrew Congregation has been established in Auckland for over 150 years. It is a warm, caring, closely knit congregation with a wide range of organizations and activities, and would welcome potential new members as part of its extended congregational family.

The AJI was formed in the year 2001 by Stan Rose, who was asked by the Auckland Hebrew Congregation to set up a committee to help Jews who were immigrating to New Zealand. Since then we have helped over 2100 people to migrate to Auckland.

The AJI is a voluntary organization and our services are free. One of our key objectives is to welcome, settle and help integrate newly arrived families, not only into the congregation, but also into the broader community irrespective of affiliation. The only condition is that you should become a member of the basic associations that are fundamental and essential to our community's welfare.

One of the purposes of the AJI is to increase the number of Jews in Auckland and to strengthen and enrich the future of the Jewish communities in Auckland including the Auckland Hebrew Congregation (the orthodox Auckland Hebrew Congregation) and Beth Shalom (the progressive Jewish Congregation of Auckland). If you qualify we will do all we can to smooth the way for you to immigrate to New Zealand.

Although a small part of the population, Jews have been involved from the beginning in Auckland history. We have been leaders in commerce, science, health and education organisations and government ministries. We have provided five mayors of Auckland and three prime ministers of New Zealand.

New Zealand is a secure, English speaking peaceful country, that respects your Jewish faith and culture. A third of the country's budget is invested in health services and education to a high level.

If you are planning to immigrate to New Zealand, let us assist you. Hopefully we'll be able to welcome you into your new home.

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A vibrant South Pacific city of 1,700,000 people, perched within glistening harbours, surrounded by lush forests and subtropical islands.
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The Auckland Jewish Immigration is the authorized agent of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation for all matters concerning potential Jewish immigration and immigration matters.
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