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Immigration New Zealand is a government organisation that looks after New Zealandís immigration rules and laws, which in turn support our economic growth and strengthen our relationship with other parts of the world.

They offer a range of visas to help those who can contribute to New Zealand to visit, work, study, live, or invest here.

Auckland Jewish Immigration provides free updated visa information, a Jewish approach to the immigration process and practical help. Note that we aren't immigration lawyers and do not offer legal advice.

Visa options

Check if you are eligible for a New Zealand visa. The results will show the visas you may be eligible for, but you need to apply to Immigration New Zealand for approval. There is NO guarantee your application will be approved. Start by choosing from the options below:

  • Visit New Zealand for a short period
  • Work
  • Study
  • Join or bring family
  • Start a business or invest in a business
  • Live permanently

Go to the Immigration New Zealand website here.

Skills shortage list

Some skills are in chronically short supply, and Immigration New Zealand has lists of skill shortages.

If you are offered a job which appears on a skill shortage list and you have the qualifications and experience to match, getting a work and residence visa will be easier. This is because the Government has identified that employers need to recruit people from overseas to help meet demand for your skills.

But if your job is not on a shortage list, don't be disheartened. There are other work visa and resident visa options that might be right for you.

Go to the Immigration New Zealand skills shortage list here.

Employment - New Kiwis

The purpose of New Kiwis is to connect overseas and local migrant job seekers with New Zealand employers.

New Kiwis provides information about searching for a job in New Zealand including how to write a great CV and where to go to find out about your industry and occupation.

New Kiwis is a national employment initiative by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Immigration New Zealand.

Go to the New Kiwis website here.

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