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Immigrating to Auckland, New Zealand?

The Auckland Jewish Immigration (AJI) is a volunteer immigration organisation working under the auspices of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation (AHC).

We offer full information on immigration procedures and free advice on:

  • Business and jobs
  • Accommodation
  • Schooling

You can save up to $10,000 NZ dollars, and sometimes more, with our AJI free partnership immigration service

$10,000 fee is the going rate if you engage an Immigration consultant to process the work for you. With the AJI Partnership its free - no hidden costs all you pay are fees to the Immigration Department.

Once the AJI has established your qualifications/work experience and other immigration related requirements, we will tell you if, under normal circumstances, you should go ahead with your application to immigrate.

From then on, if you go ahead, we will guide you at your own speed step by step through the process. It is a partnership that should lead to a successful settlement outcome.

300 families have settled in New Zealand through the AJI partnership.

The AJI is a unique exclusive Jewish immigration advisory organisation

You want to immigrate but how do you get started? There are two main considerations -

  1. Engage a registered Immigration Consultant.
  2. Negotiate the immigration process yourself.

If it is to be item 2 then contact us and we will tell you how our free partnership Immigration and Settlement service works.

This step by step immigration advisory service will guide you towards a successful outcome through the immigration process.

We will also be totally honest with you if you are unlikely to have your Immigration application accepted.


If you are intending to come for a short trip to New Zealand, we will greet you at the Airport, and take you to your accommodation.

We will arrange, at your request, to book your accommodation from standard to luxury, whichever you require, have a car to show you around Auckland including the Synagogue, Kadimah College, and arrange any business or congregational contacts you would like.

All these free services are available to you in one hit by contacting us.

The Auckland Jewish Immigration is the only officially sanctioned website representing the Auckland Hebrew Congregation. If you want to tap into the heart of New Zealand's biggest Jewish congregation click here.

Who is Auckland Jewish Immigration?

The Auckland Jewish Immigration (AJI) is a voluntary organization and our services are free. One of its key objectives is to welcome, settle and help integrate newly arrived families not only into the congregation but also into the broader community irrespective of affiliation. The only condition is that you become a member of the basic associations that are fundamental and essential to our community's welfare.

One of the purposes of the AJI is to increase the number of Jews in Auckland and to strengthen and enrich the future of the Jewish communities in Auckland including the Auckland Hebrew Congregation (AHC). If you qualify we will do all we can to smooth the way for you to immigrate to New Zealand.

Since 2001 we have helped over 2100 people immigrate to New Zealand.

The Auckland Hebrew Congregation has been established in Auckland for over 150 years. It is a warm, caring, closely knit congregation with a wide range of organizations and activities, and would welcome potential new members as part of its extended congregational family.

For more information and to see whether you qualify, please go to the Requirements web page.

Auckland - your city

A vibrant South Pacific city of 1,650,000 people, perched within glistening harbours, surrounded by lush forests and subtropical islands. Auckland, City of Sails, offers an incomparable lifestyle, unique within New Zealand and the world. More »

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"I wanted to thank you again for your help when I first arrived and for all of the people you connected me with. After meeting more and more people in the community, I have started to get involved in the Auckland University Jewish Association and I am currently organizing a sporting day." Eyal K

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